My 11-year-old's Devotional Book

Last December 18, 2010, while I was passing by Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu from my monthly visit in Chong Hua Hospital, I spotted a last day book sale in the middle of the mall and when I see books, my enthusiasm bursts out since I love books.

I was able to grab Ms. Grace Chong's Super Devos for my 11-year-old daughter Maia

and Grace Found Me, another daily devotional book for my mom who just arrived from overseas.

 I was so glad that I have given these books to my loved ones and I was enthused by Maia's approach on her very first daily devotional because she was reading it like a pocket book instead of waiting another day to read the pages.

She loved the stories in it and am happy that she is reading stories that I know will mold her into a God-loving child, and erase my fear of her being a spoiled brat since our attention is all on her.

I have also asked Ms. Grace Chong to sign the books since she was around in the afternoon and took a picture of her.

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