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September 01, 2009

Dear Friend,

We need your help for our daughter “Sam”.

We are hardworking parents earning just enough for the daily subsistence of our family. We are not endowed with worldly possessions and riches, but we are blessed with three children, our greatest treasure. That is why we are writing you to humbly ask for your support to our 14 year old child, Samantha Nicole, our first born and beloved daughter who is currently suffering and fighting for her life due to SEVERE SCOLIOSIS.

“Sam”, as we fondly call her, was diagnosed with Scoliosis in 2005. At 20 degrees curve of the spine, the doctor prescribed metal braces and a regular physical therapy. Barely 10 years old, Sam reluctantly put on the metal braces for her back. She understood though that it was for her own well-being.

After a year, while constantly wearing the braces almost 24 hours a day and doing physical therapy three times a week, the illness continued to hound Sam. The spine turned worse as it reached 50 degrees in 2008. Due to the severe condition of Sam’s Scoliosis, the doctor recommended immediate surgery of her spinal column. We were asked to prepare P1Million for the surgery (P400K to P700K the cost of the surgery & other expenses, and P300K for the post surgery expenses).

On November 2008, we brought Sam to Cebu City to seek second opinion from another specialist. The doctor from Chong Hua Hospital concurred with the doctor from Cagayan de Oro for Sam to undergo immediate surgery. He said that gradually her lungs and other internal organs will be affected too. The doctor told us ¬¬¬the harsh reality that Sam is terminally ill and has only more than six months to live if we forego the operation. We were in great shock and as realization set in, we were hit with a tsunami of anguish and sadness.

Last week, Sam was rushed to the hospital as she had difficulty in breathing. She turned pale white and her arms and legs turned stiff. She suffered severe headaches and back pains. Test results showed that her spinal column, at 65 degrees bend, has reached the critical stage and its progress is at an unprecedented speed. Sam was administered with a higher dose of pain killers. Our hearts were crushed when she mentioned that she likes a lot of white roses beside her coffin. It took a lot of prayers and inspiring words to uplift her broken spirit.

For four years, we have been battling Sam’s illness. I have availed of all the loans there is for the therapy and the cost/ updating of her braces yearly. My wife, who is a public school teacher, has taken a leave of absence from work without pay to take care of Sam. In short, we are financially crippled and in dire straits.

With bended knees, we are knocking on your kind hearts to please help us raise the amount for Sam’s operation. We, my wife and I, are aware that asking around for financial assistance is demeaning, but we set aside all our pride and throw caution to the wind just to save the life of our dearest daughter.

Our fervent prayer is for Sam to live life to the fullest. She dreams of becoming a teacher like her mother and to have her own family. She wants to see her parents grow old together and to be a big sister for her brothers. With your assistance, Sam will realize her dreams and will bear witness that you are a kindhearted person, who is instrumental in preserving her life.

Please help us.

Thank you, truly, deeply. God bless us all.

and LOIS O. DELFIN, Mother
#3 Tiano Bros. St., Brgy. 1
Cagayan de Oro City
Contact No. 09322356414

Provincial address: Purok 4, Brgy. 7, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Note: You may send your donations to:
Metrobank Savings Account #209-3-209-20898-0 (maintained at CDO MAIN Branch)
Account name: ROQUE H. DELFIN ITF Samantha Nicole O. Delfin


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