The Sign of the Cross is more than an action. It is a statement of faith in the Father, and in the Son, and in the Holy Spirit. We follow it with, Amen, which means, “Yes, it’s true!” Tertullian, writing in the third century, tells us that Christians made the Sign of the Cross upon rising, as they were dressing, upon entering or leaving their houses, going to the bath, sitting down at table, and in fact before taking any significant action. Second Exodus suggests making the Sign of the Cross today at any of these times, but especially before taking actions such as driving a car, boarding an airplane, or taking any important action at work. St. Augustine tells us, “It is by the sign of the Cross that the Body of the Lord is consecrated, that baptismal fonts are sanctified, that priests and other ranks in the Church are admitted to their respective orders, and everything that is to be made holy is consecrated by the sign of our Lord’s cross, with the invocation of the name of Christ.”

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